Your period is a blood test

Monitor your average blood glucose (A1C)

Advancing women's health

The Q-Pad

The Q-Pad is made with 100% organic cotton, with a thin strip embedded inside. The strip collects and stabilizes your sample for laboratory analysis. It's safe, comfortable, and easy to use.

Re-imagining menstrual blood

Needle-free blood testing

No needles, no pain. Your period provides a valuable blood sample. Test it, don’t throw it away.

Save time

Blood work without appointments. Wear the Q-Pad while going about your day.

A pro-active approach to health

Gain important health insights and track your changes over time.

How it works


Create a Qvin profile

Download the Qvin app and create your secure profile. The app offers a period tracker, and when you are ready to use your Q-Pads, the app will guide you through the process of collecting your samples.


Start using the Q-pad

Use the Q-Pads included in your kit on the heavy flow days of your period. After each use, pull out the test strip and seal it in the secure return container. Mail the container to Qvin for laboratory testing.


Study your results

Your test results will appear in the app accompanied by easy-to-understand explanations. A physician will contact you directly if your results need additional attention.

What is Hemoglobin A1c?

A hemoglobin A1c test will measure the percentage of hemoglobin bound to glucose, which reflects how much sugar has been circulating in your bloodstream. The test provides a reliable picture of average blood sugar over the two to three months preceding the test.

Our test is CLIA approved, and a physician reviews all results.

Who is this relevant for?

If you're healthy, you can get a heads-up if you have levels in the pre-diabetes range. If you're pre-diabetic, you want to lower your A1c level, to prevent the onset of diabetes. If you are already diagnosed with diabetes, you should have it measured every three months.

Our test is CLIA approved, and a physician reviews all results.

Stay informed about your A1c!

One-time purchase

  • Single testing kit with A1C test for one menstrual cycle

  • Learn the current status of your health

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Monthly testing

  • Monthly monitoring of A1c

  • Receive an A1C test kit every month

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Quarterly testing

  • Receive an A1C test kit every 3 months

  • Track your health changes over time

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Qvin Mobile App

The mobile app is your private and secure medical record, that also assists you with using the Q-Pad and receiving results. The app also has a period tracker, which can help you keeping better track of your menstrual cycle and your health in general.

You can get the app for free today, and it's waiting for you on both iOS and Android phones.

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